PRESS RELEASE: Greenpeace activists drop banner, occupy Canadian High Commission in U.K.

The activists are intending to stay in place for as long as possible. As this unfolds, Trudeau is set to join New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in a town hall with British youth this morning. Today’s events place him in stark contrast to Ardern, who has been lauded for her government’s historic ban of new offshore oil drilling, while Trudeau made international headlines this week for his consideration of bailing out thecontroversial pipeline being built by Kinder Morgan[3] after the company issued an ultimatum[4] on issues facing its beleaguered pipeline.

Following a discussion on climate change with small island states, Trudeau will meet with officials in the U.K. and attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting this week.

Keith Stewart, Senior Energy Strategist at Greenpeace Canada, said: “Actions speak louder than words, and Greenpeace is on the streets of London today to tell Prime Minister Trudeau that he can’t hide aggressively pro-pipeline policies behind a selfie stick and mere promises to fight climate change. If Trudeau truly wants to be the climate leader that the world needs him to be, then he must say ‘no’ to Kinder Morgan’s ultimatum and ‘yes’ to a clean energy future that protects clean water, the climate and Indigenous rights.”

About 200 people[5] have now been arrested protesting the Kinder Morgan pipeline; thousands more have pledged to do whatever it takes to stop it.


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Video of Trudeau leaving Canada House, passing protesters:[7]

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Jesse Firempong, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada, 778-996-6549, [email protected][8]

(Before 9:00 AM EDT) Graham Thompson, Communications Officer, Greenpeace UK: +44-(0)-7801-212-960

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